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Emerging businesses find a strategic advantage when out-sourcing with VLSIP Technologies.

Emerging Businesses

VLSIP’s Technology Roadmap is driven by chip complexity, substrate interface, evolving industry technologies and interconnection manufacturing.

VLSIP is continues to invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and processes, to provide system designers the manufacturing infrastructure to support new designs and products.
VLSIP is committed to work closely with the Customer Product Team to meet customer requirements, including time-to-market and target costs.

VLSIP protects proprietary information by maintaining confidentiality of products, processes and technology, including, as required, restricted access to production areas & documentation. VLSIP has never had a violation since inception.
IC connections and mounted on board
Microscope with of internal connections on IC
Services are customized to meet time-to-market challenges and reduce total cost of ownership.
Product design and redesign concepts can be pursued and implemented with minimal cost.
Component selections are optimized by VLSIP quality-to-cost design focus for best materials-to-process compatibility.
Materials Authorized Vendor List management by VLSIP can minimize start-up costs.
Issues are effectively resolved with VLSIP manufacturing core competencies.
Capital equipment investment and risk can be minimized.
Quality/Reliability Plan data collection is reviewed by VLSIP for agreement on Pareto and cost-reduction focus items.
Engineering support requirements are met by VLSIP’s experienced staff.
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