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Communications, Wireless, Networking

VLSIP is a leading supplier of mixed signal semiconductor / electronic modules for wireless, wire line, microwave, and fiber optic communications applications for engineering prototype as well as low and higher volume assembly.
VLSIP’s integrated, design, layout, engineering and manufacturing processes combine state-of-the-art semiconductor (mixed signal, including RF) packaging and process control techniques and leading edge wire bond assembly technology with conventional surface mount board assembly technologies. We assemble both packaged and unpackaged microchips into modules mounted on rigid or flex substrates, and deliver the complex high reliability integrated solutions demanded by our customer’s.
3D EM Modeling and Simulation to comprehend impact of parasitic to module design and performance prior to fabrication.
Advanced design with
11 unpackaged silicon & GaAs chips on board plus more than a dozen additional packaged components.

200 MHz device with 12 layers, 6 unpackaged silicon & GaAs chips on board plus dozens of packaged components

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