Enhancing Microchip & Electronic Module Technology

About Us

Our Mission

VLSIP provides innovative interconnect solutions for microchips and electronic modules through interwoven customer partnerships

Our Vision

To be the leading service provider of microchip interconnection technology

Our Values

VLSIP Technologies, Inc. is a privately held corporation and has been a quality supplier to the electronics industry for more than 30 years. 

VLSIP started out on the leading edge of semiconductor technology and kept pace with design, development, manufacturing and test advancements to support the fast-paced Industries, such as medical, communications, wireless, commercial, industrial, military and a variety of emerging businesses.
During the last decade, with its Semiconductor Heritage, VLSIP has made a significant improvement in the Cardiac Rhythm Management Segment of the Medical Electronic module market. The centerpiece of VLSIP’s versatile design and manufacturing capabilities is the ability to deliver high quality integrated system solutions on rigid or flex substrates to our customer’s specification in a timely manner. The company was able to concentrate on manufacturing and quality with focus on miniaturization and conversion of functions supporting the requirements of Medical OEMs.
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