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A High-Volume Manufacturing Transition Process


Customer Strategic Manufacturing

Module Production and
Quality Plan

Transition to High Volume
Mfg. Plant

Select High Volume Mfg. Site
Select Critical Mfg. Processes: For Same As Assy. Process
Surface Mount Technology
Ball Grid Array
Thin Ball Grid Array
Direct Chip Attach
Flip Chip, wire bond
Chip - to - Chip Bond
System in a single package
PCBs, flexible tape, ceramics
Overmold System Requirements
Marking Requirements
Perform Process Gap Analysis
Identify VLSIP Equipment Set
Outline White Paper Process DOEs
Document Mfg. Data Pack Content  (Product Quality Plan)

Set Product Specifications
Define Q.A. S.P.C. Parameters
DOEs Input to Mfg. Data Pack Equipment Configuration Input
NRE Tooling/ Programming Input
Tool Design/Drawings Input
Resolve Proprietary Issues
Materials Preparation Input
Assembly Traveler Input
Set Production Schedule
Set M.D.P. Review Schedule
- - - - - -----(with Customer)
Schedule 1st Article Review
- - - - - -----(with Customer)
Set Cont. Process Imp. Plan
- - - - - -----(with Customer)

Manufacturing Data Pack - (review with Customer)
Incremental Assy. Samples - (define with Customer)
VLSIP Drawings pack
Process Eng. Access - (By Customer or H-VM)
Validate H-VM 1st Article
H-VM Consultation


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