Repeatability and Consistency Driven by Relentless Pursuit of Excellence




VLSIPís Quality Management System consistently meets customer requirements and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related services.

1.     Technology Platform build upon our Semiconductor Heritage and commitment to state-of-the-art semiconductor technology.

2.      Resources of our people and their relentless pursuit of excellence.

3.      Strong Experience in medical devices with technology solutions comprehending more than 20 years of convergence of functions and miniaturization experience.

4.      Ability to augment a Developerís product development infrastructure providing the support necessary to integrate Semiconductor Technology into a Product Realization.

5.     Agile Manufacturing Ė Response to change without sacrificing quality

6.     Quality Management Systems (click on logo to view certificate):




Quality Policy
VLSIP Technologies, Inc. (VLSIP) is fully dedicated to Quality and to Total Customer Satisfaction.

The management of VLSIP is committed to complying with all requirements, and to continuous improvement while maintaining the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Responsibility for total compliance with the quality management system rests with each employee of the company.

The measure of our quality is compliance with the customerís requirements, the quality management system, and applicable standards and regulations.




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