Versatile Designs
With Agile
Manufacturing Capabilities




VLSIP Materials and Process Range for Prototypes & Modules:

*       Substrates/packages: Thin and Thick film LTCC (Ceramic), M.A.P. Laminate (FR-4, BT, Rogers), Flex-Tape (50 - 75uM thick), Alumina Tubs

*       Wafer Processes: Saw and Die Pick of wafers up to 300mm (12in) in size.

*       Die Processes: Wire-bondable, Flip-Chip, Die-to-Die bonding, Stacked-Die.

*       Wire Bonding: Ball or Wedge bonding, 0.7mil - 10mil wires, 45uM stagger or serial fine pad pitch, die pad openings as small as 45uM.

*       Flip-Chip Die: to 2200 bump I/Os, .2mm Bump Pitch.

*       SMT attach: High-speed placement to 10uM accuracy, 0201 feeders.

*       Encapsulation: Overmold systems with FAME assist, Liquid Encapsulation

*       Ball Attach Capability: Ceramic or laminate, 0.5mm pad pitch (0.25mm balls)

*       Singulation: Laminate, Ceramic singulation saw machines; Flex-tape presses.

*       Marking: Laser-etched plate epoxy transfer marking systems, laser marking, 2D barcode, small print labels.



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