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The microchip technology is accelerating the medical product applications by increasing the microchip complexity, as measured in number of transistors per chip, and is rapidly changing patient care and quality of life. This is driven by patient and clinical requirements plus the miniaturization and convergence of electronic functions.

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VLSIP Technologies, Incís microchip technology focus, uncompromising quality culture, controlled environment manufacturing and process control systems evolved from VLSIPís semiconductor roots, and microchip technology focus provided the platform for VLSIPís expansion into Medical Electronics.

Today, VLSIP is a leading supplier of mixed signal (analog, digital, and RF) semiconductor / electronic modules for both implantable and external patient care devices. VLSIP combines state-of-the-art semiconductor packaging technology and known semiconductor process control techniques with conventional printed circuit board technologies to deliver the complex integrated solutions demanded by our customerís advanced lifesaving products.




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