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Leading Edge Strategy  (Interconnection)

*     chip to chip and chip to chip to package

*     chip to multilayer printed circuit boards directly

*     chips embedded into modules

*     chip to package and to substrates including flexible substrates with external I/Os.

*     Surface Mount Technology  ( 0101 packaged  parts)

*     Ball Grid Array (.25mm ball size, .4mm pitch and ball counts from 4 to 1152)

*     chip to package with external I/Os

*      Flip Chip (3 mil ball size, 8 mil pitch)

*     Stacked Chip, Chip Scale, and Direct Chip Attach

*     Mixed technology substrates, tapes,  rigid flex and flex as well as rigid printed circuit boards.

Subsystem Microchip Modules for Military, Space & Homeland Security. Industrial & Communication Applications



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