Void Detection
Cross Sections
3D X-Ray Inspection



Voids, Delaminations And Cracks Are Costing You Money! 

Having a clear picture of how your materials are interacting is the first step in making any improvements; you need good data to make good informed decisions with.  No matter if you’re working yield enhancement, new product development or investigating the root cause of a failed device, our materials analysis experts can help.

We offer both nondestructive and destructive evaluation depending on your needs.

    Nondestructive Evaluation:

        -         CSAM – Gen 6 Sonoscan

-         Optical Inspection – Leica Imaging & Measurement Scopes

-         2D & 3D X-Ray Capability

    Destructive Evaluation:

-         Potting, Cross Sections, and Layer Measurement Capability

Download our 3D-XRay Case Study!  

CLICK HERE to download our 3D X-ray “wire sweep” case study. View the file and see for yourself the level of detail this tool is capable of.

ABOUT THE FILE: The case study will be downloaded in .zip format and will include a .pdf and .mp4 file. The .mp4 file is an example of the animation that can be produced by the X-ray's software. These animations allow us to view device features in greater detail as the IC rotates.




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