Design & Assembly of Multi-layered
Polyimide Kapton Flex-tape
Circuits and Devices




VLSIP Technologies, Incís focus, as a leading-edge technology company, on the interconnection of complex microchips to circuits on substrates and PC boards provided VLSIP the strategic technology platform to develop and interconnect complex electronic subsystem modules via designs and layouts, engineering and manufacturing for engineering prototype as well as low and higher volume assembly.

VLSIP is a leading supplier of mixed signal (including RF) semiconductor / electronic modules for:

*       Military Systems

*       Commercial & Industrial Systems

*       Environmental & Security Systems

VLSIP combines semiconductor packaging and process control techniques and traditional wire bond assembly technology with conventional surface mount board assembly technologies to assemble both packaged and unpackaged microchips into modules mounted on rigid or flex substrates, to deliver the complex, high quality, high reliability, high density integrated solutions demanded by our customerís.


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